Southcoast Flyfisher
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Practice, practice, practice - Part 1

     Like everything in life practice makes perfect. Fly casting is no exception. Today’s practice focuses on accuracy. It is okay to get the fly out there but if you cannot get it near the fish then what is the use. A lot of times it is not about putting it right on the fish.Sometimes you want it several feet away or you will spook them. Like bone fish for example.

     Today’s distance is fifty feet. Joan Wulff once said “you should be able to cast fifty feet from a boat in any condition” as told to me by one of her students.

     You should be able to handle thirty to forty feet of line out the end of your rod. Try to minimize your false casting. I try to keep the false forward casts to two. The first one is to get the line out. The second helps me judge deviation due to wind. My third is the final cast. At this time I focus on my target/location. I visualize my hand/cast touching it.

     Do not worry about trying to make the Hail Mary cast. The seventy, eighty, ninety foot cast. If you have to cast that far, then for Heaven’s sake, get closer to the fish.