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Easy like a Southcoast Morning 

It was a typical Southcoast morning. The sun was just starting to rise and the morning air was already warm. It was going to be another hot summer day. I was headed out to Padanaram to meet up with Matthew Philips. We were going striper fishing on his boat, the Hippocampus, appropriately named for a neurosurgeon.

Padanaram is a coastal village in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts that has been described as a place "where life slows down". The opening of the swing bridge allowing sailboats to pass in and out of the harbor slows down the daily activity, capturing the essential charm of a coastal village. It's streets are aligned with houses featuring colonial revival, late Victorian and federal architecture. In its harbor are boats of equal elegance.

     As we headed out across Buzzards Bay to "the Islands" the sun was beginning to rise. Sea birds were working the surface for an early meal, a good sign that there were fish around.


 We passed through Quick's Hole to one of Matt's favorite riffs. We would go to the end of the riff and drift back hoping to hook into a few  stripers.  As we drifted we both cast and it was only a matter of minutes before we hooked into fish. They were small but fun to catch none the less. We did this several times with fish breaking on both sides of the boat. I was casting a 10 weight fly rod with a matching floating line. Tied to this was a 6 foot, 10 pound test monofilament leader. The fly was white Marabou with a yellow trailer.

The surface action eventually slowed down so I changed to a 10 weight fly line with a sink tip and shortened the leader to 4 feet. I changed my fly to a plain white marabou. We continued to catch a few more fish. One even made the legal size.

Eventually the sun was higher in the sky, the tide began to change and there were more boats on the water. The fishing slowed down altogether and it was time to head back.

After cleaning and filleting the fish, my wife Glynelle marinated the fillets in a combination of olive oil, cilantro, lime and garlic. To top it off she made a mango salsa to accompany the fish. The fillets melted in your mouth like butter. The links to the recipes can be found below. Bon appetit.

As I sit here I remember that the hippocampus is the part of the brain that has a central role in emotions and is associated mainly with memory. Thinking back over the days activities, I think the boat is well named.