Mind Like Water  by T. Mikami


     Water which is crucial to our survival has qualities that far transcend it's most basic functions.  Looking at some of its characterisitcs one realizes that it is far more than a "thirst quencher".


     Water has the ability to adapt itself totaly to its environment. When the temperature gets too high it becomes steam and it changes to ice when things get too cold. It can also change its shape to conform to that of the container. What is remarkable about water, is that it manages to maintain its identity under the most varied circumstances.


     Water is ever flowing and always manages to find its level. When something comes in the way it goes around and takes the path of least resistance. On those occasions where an obstacle seems insurmountable it steadily gains strength and force until it finally overcomes. No matter how high a dam is built on a stream ... eventually the stream overflows the dam. There is an unyieldng and steady effort that water generates which regards all obstacles, no matter how high or big, as being temporary.


     Finally, calm water is like a mirror and gives a picture of all that is around. Conversely troubled waters only reflect the turmoil within. When a person aproaches a problem with calm and composure then like the reflection on calm water he sees everything. So also when a problem causes turmoil then like the troubled water only confusion is seen.


     Imagine an intellect as calm, a will as relentless and indominable and a presonality as adaptable as water and you will have envisioned a MIND LIKE WATER.