Suggested Readings



 1. The Spirit of Aikido  by Kisshomaru Ueshiba

 2. The Principles of Aikido  by Mitsugi Saotome

 3.  Aikido and the Way of Harmony  by John Stevens

 4. Ki in Daily Life  by Koichi Tohei

 5. Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere  by A. Westbrook and O. Ratti

 6. It's Alot Like Dancing: An Aikido Journey  by Terry Dobson

 7. In the Dojo  by Dave Lowry (recommended for new students)

 8.  The Sword and the Brush  by Dave Lowry

 9. Moving Towards Stillness  by Dave Lowry

 10. Autumn Lightning  by Dave Lowry

 11.  Persimmon Wind  by Dave Lowry

 12. Kodo: Ancient Ways  by Kensho Furuya

 13. Japanese Swordsmanship  by Gordon Wagner and Don F. Draeger

 14. Zen and Japanese Culture  by T.D. Suzuki


Useful Web Sites


1. Aikido Journal

2. My Neighbor the Spy

The first in a series of  children’s books that feature aikido called My Neighbor, the Spy.   It will be released in late March.  The inspiration for this book comes from the author's 18 year old son’s nine years of aikido training.

The website for the article that desribes the insoiration for the book can be found here:

3. Let's Learn Aikido

   This is a very good informational book about Aikido. Although the drawings are geared to the younger student, do not be mistaken, the book is a very good refresher for even the adult student. It is a welcomed and important edition to the dojo library.