What Is Aikido

Aikido simply means:

(Ai) Harmonizing

(Ki) Spiritual or Universal Energy

(Do) The Way of


     Roughly translated it means "The Way of Harmony with the Universe". Morihei Ueshiba (the Founder of Aikido) is reported to have written " The secret of Aikido is to harmonize with the movement of the universe itself, to make the heart of the universe one's own heart".

     Aikido is excellent psychological and physical medicine, and the practice is both rewarding and fun. The student learns to develop a relaxed on-guard attitude in which the mind rests in the lower abdomen, the center of gravity of the body, or in japanese, hara. A result of aikido practice is the unification of mind with body, spiritual with physical.

     One neutralizes the attack without harming the opponent if at all possible. Students learn that techniques are spherical motions around their stable, energized center so that the opponent's action is redirected. Consequently it is the attack itself that brings down the attacker.

     In Aikido, the student increases their flexibility, endurance, and muscular development from the aerobic exercise but the techniques do not require muscular strength so men and women of any size and age can practice.

     Aikido is a true Budo, or Martial Way. Aikido is a discipline for perfecting the spirit.


Four Basic Principles to Unify Body and Mind:


1. Keep one point (mind principle)

2. Relax completely (body principle)

3. Keep weight underside (body principle)

4. Extend Ki (mind principle)